18 July 2018

10:30-13:15 Hall #3, Second Floor, MCC

35, K.Marx Ave., Magadan, Russia

Seminar of PJSC “Sberbank”: “Price Risk Management for Gold-Mining Enterprises”, Associated Event by special invitations

Sberbank CIB, the corporate and investment banking business in Sberbank group offers its clients not only classic banking services, but also investment products and services.

The key business areas are corporate lending (including trade financing), documentary business, investment banking services, trade operations with securities.

Sberbank CIB is a participant of the commodity trade market. We aim at complying with high service standards, offer standard operations and customized solutions for corporate clients and financial institutions in the whole range of raw commodities: precious and industrial metals, crude oil and petroleum products, iron ore and coal, agricultural products.

The services provided by Sberbank CIB are constantly improved and adapted to specific needs of clients. This permits to solve any missions related to operations in the financial markets and hedging2 of price risks in the market of precious metals.

Moderator: Andrey Polishchuk

Mikhail Sheybe – strategist in commodity trade markets
Pavel Spitsyn – Senior sales in commodity trade markets
Juliya Chunayeva – sales in commodity trade markets

Nadezhda Chernysheva – Head of Sales Dept in Global Markets Division of Far East Branch, Sberbank PJSC

Ekaterina Sidorenko – Sales, regional manager

They will speak about the forecasts in the market of precious metals, about buying Gold from subsoil users within the scope of a purchase / sale agreement, about price risk management.


Yury Dyatlov – Global Markets Management Director, Far Eastern TB, yvdyatlov@sberbank.ru, +7 (4212) 78-32-02

Pavel Spitsyn – Senior sales in commodity trade markets Sberbank,  Pavel_Spitsyn@sberbank-cib.ru, +7 (985) 929-17-21


10:30-13:15 Geographical Society Hall, Third Floor, MCC, Parallel Event

35, K.Marx Ave., Magadan, Russia

Seminar of “Pro-Eurasia”: Sepro Mineral Systems equipment. Advantage and practice of application.

Participants of the seminar will get introduced with main and auxiliary process equipment from Sepro Mineral Systems (Canada), which allows not only gravitational recovery gold from various types of raw materials, but also organize its preparation for mineral processes, and also process gold-containing gravity concentrates.

The seminar will feature:

  1. three modern technologies of gravitational recovery on centrifugal concentrators, including recovery of ultrafine particles (2-5 microns);
  2. effective dense media process for material with a grain size of +1 mm;
  3. a reactor for intensive leaching with improved kinetics;
  4. modular solutions for technogenic deposits and deposits with small reserves.

13:15-14:30 Lunch Break

14:30-17:45 Hall #3, Second Floor, MCC

35, K.Marx Ave., Magadan, Russia

Seminar of  “Royal IHC”: “Wet mining and modern processing solutions perspectives” 

Seminar 1 (14.30-16.00) Wet mining perspectives
14.30-14.50: Wet mining possibilities for mineral industry in Far East – Mikhail Leskov, IGT, Russia
14.50-15.10: Tin mining perspectives at NE Russia – Dr. Natalia Galtseva, NEISRI of Russian Academy of Science
15.10-15.30: Examples of global wet mining operation – Henk van Muijen, Vice-President, Royal IHC, Netherlands
15.30-15.50: Practical experience developing mining projects in different conditions – Derk Hartman, IHC Mining, UK
15.50-16.00: Q&A

Seminar 2 (16.15-17.45) Examples of wet mining equipment &  mineral processing solutions
16.15-16.35: IHC wet mining equipment for use in Russian projects  – Henk van Muijen, Vice-President, Royal IHC, Netherlands
16.35-16.55: How to use global mining project development knowledge in Russia – Dirk Geerligs, IHC Mining, Netherlands
16.55-17.15: IHC Mineral processing solutions for use in Russian projects – Henk van Muijen, Vice-President, Royal IHC, Netherlands
17.15-17.35: Project control software – Dirk Geerligs, IHC Mining, Netherlands
17.35-17.45: Q&A

14.30-16.45  Geographical Society Hall, Third Floor, MCC, Parallel Event

Seminar of the Marine Research Center at Moscow Lomonosov State University (MRC LMSU): Service support of subsoil use: ecology, geotechnology, logistics.

Moderators: Korost Dmitry, PhD, CEO, Diliara Zagretdinova, Head of the Strategic Development Department

Providing services to the field of subsoil use is an important part of production process optimization. In the course of the panel the questions of ensuring environmental and transport safety of the development of mineral deposits, as well as the possibility of applying new technologies to monitoring subsoil use will be discussed.

17.00-18.00 Geographical Society Hall, MCC, Parallel Event

Round table “Questions on Refining of Precious Metals”.

Sponsor – Krastsvetmet.

Speaker: Konstantin Strukalev, director of the refinery, “Krastsvetmet”.

Co-speaker: Ekaterina Durakova, head of the direction of the mineral sources, Krastsvetmet.

Brief program of the seminar:

– precious metals production in Russia and the World;

– load of capacities on refinaries;

– technologies of precious metals refining;

– basic methods of sampling raw materials, analysis of typical errors in sampling;

– basic methods of analysis of raw materials;

– development of IT technologies in production;

– formats of Krastsvetmet’s transactions with mining companies.


10:00-17:45 Main Hall, First Floor, MMC, Parallel Event 

MCC, 35, K.Marx Ave., Magadan, Russia

MINEX FAR EAST Seminar: Advanced Technologies and Equipment for Exploration and Mining Industry in Far East Russia

10:00-11:30 Session A.

Moderator:  Yuri Pruss, PhD in Geology, Head of Magadan Innovative and Technological Center of the All-Russian Research Institute of Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Science

10:00-10:15 «The role of project-thinking education in the cooperation of the University and industrial companies», Natalia Gaidai, Director of the Polytechnic Institute of the North-Eastern State University, Tatyana Mikhalitsyna, Head of the Geology and Physics of the Earth Department in the North-Eastern State University

10:15-10:30  «Laser scanning – what is it? A waste of money or a path to the efficiency of mining company?» Vsevolod Shulyakovsky, Chief of 3D laser scanning department, ArtGeo Company

10:30-10:45  «Advanced geophysical technologies and junior business». Yuri Davydenko, General Director,  “GeliosLLC

10:45-11:00 «3D EM exploration technologies with separationof induction and polarization signal’s parts» Anna Mamaeva, leading geophysicist at CSJC AeroGeophysical Surveys

11:00-11:15  «Mining efficiency upgrade through introduction of alternative types of pumping equipment», Konstantin Klimov, business development manager, mining and metallurgy, at Xylem Rus LLC

11:15-11:30 Q&A

11:30-11:45 Coffee Break

11:45-13:15  Session B

Moderator: Yuri Pruss, PhD in Geology, Head of Magadan Innovative and Technological Center of the All-Russian Research Institute of Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Science

11:45-12:00 «Advanced and progressive approach in blasting» Alexey Olshevsky, Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors for Kolymavzryvprom, JSC

12:00-12:15 «Vehicle safety solutions, maintenance technologies, experience of implementation for self-propelled machines in open-pit and underground mines» Andrey Efimov, General director, Snabremservis Co.

12:15-12:30 «How to increase the efficiency of heavy vehicles at rock mechanized underground mining operations» Olga Stagurova, vice-president Russia&CIS, Newtrax Co.

12:30-12:45 «Mobile pipelines use at alluvial gold mines» Roman Eremeyev, General Director, SK-Polymers

12:45-13:00 «Alternative types of dynamic equipment for an efficiency increase at beneficiation and metallurgical plants». Alexander Reshetilov, Development Director, “RESHETILOV CO.”

13:00-13:15 Q&A

13:15-14:30 Lunch Break

14:30-16:00  Session C

Moderator: –

14:30-14:45  «Application of mixed technologies for processing of complex material composition ores. Dukat ores with application of magnetic separation methods, gravity and intermediate flotation unit». Galina Efremova, chief mineral processing specialist, Magadan Branch of JSC Polymetal Management

14:45-15:00 «Excessive gold losses»  Vitaly Korzhov, Chief technologist, Anakon Ltd.

15:00-15:15  «Advanced equipment of ITOMAK in mineral processing and exploration of precious metals» Vsevolod Afanasiev, Mineral Processing Specialist, ITOMAK

15:15-15:30 «Processing and development of technogenic deposits by using high performance technologies» Artem Lebedok, Mineral Processing Engineer of MBE Processing of Coal and Minerals LLC.

15:30-15:45 «Field fuel storages as a quick and strong solution in fuel and lubricants storage arrangements in gold mining industry» Dmitry Semenov, Regional Development Director, Politechnica Far East

15:45-16:00 Q&A

16:00-16:15 Coffee Break

 16:15-17:45 Session D

Moderator: Andrey Chitalin, PhD, Chief Geologist, Institute of Geotechnology

16:15-16:30   «Analytical and methodological support for the extraction and processing of solid minerals in distant and hard-to-reach regions». Mikhail Melnik, Deputy Director of the Analytical Equipment Department of Energolab Ltd.

16:30-16:45  «Complex solutions for power supply of mining industry with the use of own generation» Vyacheslav Vechersky, Director for Technical Support to Sales, “NG-Energo” LLC,

16:45-17:00 «Power supply problems of remote mining sites» Mikhail Tolmachev, Manager of the Engineering department at Aggreko Eurasia, LLC

17:00-17:15 «The possibility of  providing emergency communication, video surveillance and sustainable “mobile” links to the objects in the gold and mineral resources in the Far East and Far North (on the example of the Magadan region)»  Eugeny Sychev, Deputy director ARBUZ Co Ltd.

17:15-17:30 «Digital technologies for operation’ control and automation», Andrey Levykin, Far East Branch’ Director, MegaPhone

17:30-17:45 Q&A

18.00-20.00 2nd Floor, MCC

Ice-breaking Cocktail Party for early registered delegates of MINEX FE 2018 Conference

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