19 July 2018

08:00-09:30 Delegate registration and welcome coffee

09:00 MINEX FAR EAST 2018 Exhibition Opening

09:30 MINEX FAR EAST 2018 Conference Opening


09:30-11:00 Session №1 Welcome speeches and overviews.

Moderator: Dmitry Agapitov, PhD, Managing Director, Institute of Geotechnology

09.30-09.40 Mikhail Leskov, Chairman, MINEX FE Organizing Committee.

Opening of MINEX FAR EAST 2018.

09.40-09.50 Welcome speech of Sergey Nosov, Magadan Acting Governor.

09.50-10.00 Welcome speech of Yuri Grishan, Mayor of Magadan.

10.05-10.15  Welcome addresses for MINEX FE 2018 participants.

10.15-10.30 «Current status and recent trends in mineral industry at Russian Far East». Mikhail Leskov, Deputy General Director, Institute of Geotechnology

10.30-10.45 «Resource base of gold in Russian Far East: current status and development trends». Dr.Anatoly Ivanov, Director, TsNIGRI

10.45-11.00 «Mineral Industry in Magadan Region: from the achieved to future goals». Vladimir Mitkin, Minister, Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, Magadan Regional Government


 11:00-11:30 Coffee Break


11:30-13:00 Session №2 Large Mines Development in Far East Russia

Moderator: Vladimir Mitkin, Minister, Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, Magadan Regional Government

11.30-11.50 «Precious metals production in Russia and in the World». Sergey Belov, Deputy General Director for Refinary «Krastsvetmet»

11.50-12.10 «Implementation of new pit optimization technologies». Pavel Vorsin, General Director,  «Polyus Magadan».

12.15-12.30  «Problems of mining at undetermined reserves of alluvial deposits». Alexander Chugunov, General Director «Susumanzoloto»

12.30-12.45 «Priority areas of mineral resource base replenishment by JSC Polymetal Management in Magadan Region» Sergey Petrov, Deputy Mineral Resource Base Director, Magadan Branch of JSC Polymetal Management

12.45-13.00 Q&A


 13:00-14:30 Lunch («Torro Grill» and «Moscow Shot»)


14:30-16:00 Session №3 Panel Discussion «Development of Operating Mines and Metallurgy in the Far East of Russia»,

Moderator: Mikhail Leskov, Deputy General Director, Institute of Geotechnology

Participants: Vladimir Mitkin (Government of Magadan Region), Gennady Kuzmenko (Polymetal), Pavel Vorsin (Polyus), Alexander Chugunov (Susumanzoloto)


 16:00-16:30 Coffee Break


16:30-18:00 Session №4 Technical progress in mining and mineral processing: new opportunities for a qualitative breakthrough.

Moderator: Mikhail Leskov, Deputy General Director, Institute of Geotechnology

16.30-16.45 «The application of breakthrough Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies combined with hi-fidelity simulator based training solutions to improve safety and efficiency of mining operations». Fuad Asadov, General director, ThoroughTec Simulation (Russia-RSA)

16.45-17.00 «CONNECTED PLANT – INDUSTRY 4.0 PLATFORM FROM HONEYWELL» Dmitry Glinsky, Head of representation in DFO, Honeywell

17.00-17.15 «Robotics and application of modern technologies in mining operations». Konstantin Darmanian, Chief Technical Advisor for Sales, Training & International Business Development (Croatia)

17.15-17.30 «Modern wet mining & mineral processing solutions by IHC». Henk van Muijen, Vice-President, Royal IHC (Netherlands)

17.30-17.45 «Sepro Mineral Systems equipment. Advantage and practice of application». Danila Samosy, Pro-Eurasia/SEPRO (Russia-Canada)

17.45-18.00 Q&A


 18:30-20:00 Evening Cocktail Party (“Torro Grill” restaurant)

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