20 July 2018

08:00-09:30 Registration of Delegates

09:00 Exhibition opens

09:30-11:00 Session №5 New directions and projects for future development

Moderator: Dmitry Agapitov, PhD, Managing Director, Institute of Geotechnology

09.30-09.50 «Innovations – new trend or urgent need?» Experience in implementation of new technologies in mining industry under Extreme North conditions using Polymetal as an example» Gennady Kuzmenko, Director of Magadan Branch of JSC Polymetal Management

09.50-10.10 «Current problems and directions on prospecting at the example of North-Eastern region of Russia». Alexander Alexeenko, Director, Magadan Exploration Expedition Co.

10.10-10.30 «Junior exploration companies in Russia – challenges and opportunities» Mikhail Damrin, CEO, Kopy Goldfields (Sweden)

10.30-10.50 Problems of Russian alluvial mining and ways to solve them. Pavel Lunyashin, Adviser to the Chairman of the Union of gold-digging cooperatives (Artels)

10.50-11.00 Q&A


11:00-11:30 Coffee-Break


11:30-13:00 Session №6 Exploration and Contractors in Mineral Industry

Moderator: Andrey Chitalin, PhD, Chief Geologist, Institute of Geotechnology (IGT)

11.30-11.45  «Cardinal changes in the approach for application of electroprospecting for mining exploration» Olexander  Ingerov , Vice-President. Phoenix Geophysics LTD (Canada)

11.45-12.00 «Structural analysis like a necessary tool in prospecting and exploration of ore deposits» Andrey Chitalin, PhD, Institute of Geotechnology (IGT)

12.00-12.15 «Structural Specificity of Ayan-Yuryakh Anticlinory and its ore-bearing forcast» Viktor Sidorov, PAVLIK Gold Mining Co.

12.15-12.30 «Using Geobank system for resolving a data management tasks» Maxim Mingalov, Senior data management specialist MICROMINE RUS (Australia-Russia)

12.30-12.45   « Environmental supervision as a cost-cutting factor in mineral industry. » Diliara Zagretdinova, Head of the Strategic Development Department the Marine Research Center at Moscow Lomonosov State University

12.45-13.00 Q&A


13:00-14:30 Lunch («Torro Grill» and «Moscow Shot»),


14:30-16:00 Session №7 Discussion Pannel «Mineral Prospecting and Exploration Expancion in Far Eastern regions of Russia»,

Moderator: Dr., Prof. Nikolay Goryachev, RAS Corresponding Member, NEISRI RAS

Participants: Andrey Chitalin (IGT), Mikhail Damrin (Kopy Goldfields), Olex Ingerov (Phoenix Geophysics), Georgy Fotin (State Agency for Investments and Export Support on Far East Russia), Alexander Alexeenko (Magadan Exploration Expedition).


16:00-16:30 Coffee-Break


16:30-18:00 Session №8 Prospective of  Mineral Industry Development at Russian Far East

Moderator: Mikhail Sheibe, Strategist at commodity markets, SBERBANK-CIB

16.30-16.50  «Metal prices: fundamental assumptions and trends». Mikhail Sheibe, Strategist at commodity markets, SBERBANK-CIB

16.50-17.10 «Tin mining perspectives at NE Russia». Dr. Natalia Galtseva, Olga Sharypova, PhD, NEISRI of Russian Academy of Science

17.10-17.30 «State support for investors in metals and mining industry in the Russian Far East» Georgy Fotin, Investment Director, Russia`s Far East Investment and Export Agency

17.30-17.50 «Special Economic Zone of Magadan region. Experience and Forecast». Sergey Grebenyuk, Head, Special Economic Zone of Magadan region

17.50-18.00 Q&A


18:00-18:30 Round Table Discussion with Sergey Nosov, Acting Governor of Magadan region.


19:00-21:00 Gala Dinner («Torro Grill» Restaurant).

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