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IHC Mining  – Reliable partner in efficient mining life cycles

IHC Mining provides integrated mining solutions for the onshore, nearshore and deep-sea mining market. The company strongly believes in an integrated approach to achieve best results for the mining operation, assisting in creating an economical and technical feasible business model. From the beginning of a project, IHC Mining offers advisory services and in-depth studies to determine the overall technical and economic viability. Also, IHC Mining designs, builds and supplies innovative mining vessels and advanced equipment for safe and reliable operations. Solutions can be tailor-made and fit for purpose. Once the operation starts, IHC Mining provides life cycle support, resulting in optimal use of equipment at minimum costs. As well as an integrated approach, IHC Mining offers stand-alone products. It designs, builds and supplies innovative mining vessels and advanced equipment ranging from mining dredgers and crawlers, slurry transport systems and mineral separation plants to plant automation and control systems.

With vast experience accumulated over decades, IHC Merwede is market leader for the design and manufacture of efficient and integrated vessels and equipment. The company has achieved its overall aim of supplying customers with a greater return on investment, while helping to decrease the environmental impact of the customer’s activities.

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