IGT GROUP Institute of Geotechnology, was established in 2003, and along with IGT-service and Chawn-minerals included in the IGT Group. The Group's enterprises are private, independent, and not affiliated with any industrial or financial Groups. All companies are residents of the Science Park of Moscow state University named after M.V.Lomonosov. IGT provides its customers with a wide range of evaluation, design and consulting services in the field of exploration and production of non-ferrous and precious metals. A full range of field works on geological support of exploration projects at all stages of their development is carried out. The team of IGT specialists was engaged in the organization and realization of search and evaluation and exploration works in Chukotka, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Republic of Komi, Khabarovsk and TRANS-Baikal regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Mongolia, Indonesia and other regions for various types of minerals - gold, silver, copper, molybdenum, tin, tungsten, coal. The Group's specialists have experience in realizing deposit development projects in different geological and climatic conditions and at different stages of their development. Due to the wide geography of the executed projects with the participation of IGT specialists, the company has accumulated experience to resolve complex production problems. The main activities of IGT are geological consulting and targeting, full geological support, geological supervision, technical and geological audit, including quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) of geological exploration, reserves calculation and resource assessment, and assistance in the organization and maintenance of project financing. Our strengths are qualification and experience. Knowledge and successful application of the world's best exploration practices obtained in close cooperation with the world's leading mining, consulting and engineering companies. IGT is a scientific and production platform for the number of companies.  Partnerships with the number of specialized Russian and Western companies get us possibly to mobilize the most experienced specialists with narrow professional specializations to perform tasks related to the exploration and extraction of minerals in a short time. Interaction with specialized companies and the ability to involve specialists in all areas, allows us to create highly qualified expert groups and efficiently solve problems. We invest in human intelligence and innovation. Thanks to cooperation with Russian scientific and foreign consulting companies, we are constantly improving the knowledge of our specialists and customer specialists, providing access to the most advanced practices in the field of exploration. We invest in intelligence and innovation. Thanks to cooperation with Russian research and foreign consulting companies, we are constantly improving the expert level of our specialists and customer specialists, providing access to the most advanced global practices in the exploration. The basic principle of our work is DICTUM-FACTUM (said – done). We do not compete for the price – we compete for quality. It is the quality of work performed and the final successful result for the customer is the final goal of our work. Phone/Fax: +7(495)930.85.54/+7(495)930.80.58 Address: "MSU Science Park", bldg. 77, Leninskiye Gori Str. 1, Moscow, 119234, Russia E-mail: info@igeotech.ru

Khabarovsk Kray Investment and Development Agency

Khabarovsk Kray Investment and Development Agency, Autonomous Nonprofit Organization Khabarovsk Kray Investment and Development Agency - one-stop-shop approach institute that helps investors to implement their projects. The Agency’s pool includes more than 250 projects worth 1.3 trillion rubles, of which more than 40 are in the mining and resource industries. Investors can receive advisory services or organizational assistance through project support. The support is feasible if investors need administrative aid to speed up pre-registration, endorsement, licensing and other procedures with the executive authorities, institutions and agencies of Khabarovsk Kray. Investors have to fill out an application form on the Khabarovsk Kray investment portal invest.khv.gov.ru to receive support. You may do it on your own by filling out the forms below or with the help of a manager from the Khabarovsk Kray Investment and Development Agency by calling  +7 (909) 850-80-60.

Sberbank CIB

Sberbank CIB, the corporate and investment banking business in Sberbank group, recognized as the best investment bank in the equity market in Central and Eastern Europe1, offers its clients not only classic banking services, but also investment products and services. The key business areas are corporate lending (including trade financing), documentary business, investment and banking services and securities trading. Sberbank CIB is a participant of the commodity market. We aim at complying with high service standards, offer standard operations and customized solutions for corporate clients and financial institutions in the whole range of commodities: precious and industrial metals, crude oil and petroleum products, iron ore and coal, agricultural products. The services provided by Sberbank CIB are constantly being improved and adapted to specific needs of clients. This enables meeting any challenges related to operations in the financial markets and hedging2 of price risks in the market of gold industry.
  1. According to rating results of Global Finance “The World’s Best Investment Banks 2017”.
  2. Hedging is the neutralization of an asset price future change risk by means of particular financial operations.
This information has been prepared solely for presenting a general summary (review) of products and services provided by Sberbank PJSC to its clients. Contact details: Pavel Spitsyn Senior Manager of the Commodity Sales Division Global Markets Department Tel.: +7 (495) 933 85 25 Mob.: +7 (985) 929 17 21 e-mail: pavel_spitsyn@sberbank-cib.ru e-mail: metalsdesk@sberbank-cib.ru www.sberbank-cib.ru  

Moscow Exchange

Moscow Exchange Group Moscow Exchange Group manages Russia's main trading platform for equities, bonds, derivatives, currencies, money market instruments, precious metals and agricultural products. The Group includes Russia's central securities depository (National Settlement Depository), and the central counterparty National Clearing Centre, allowing Moscow Exchange Group to offer clients the full spectrum of trading and post-trading services. Moscow Exchange ranks among the world's top 25 exchanges by total volume of equities traded, and among the ten largest exchanges for bond and derivative trading. It is also Russia's primary venue for capital raising via the public markets. Securities of over 640 Russian issuers are traded on MOEX. In 2017, new equity and bond placements totaled more than RUB 10 trillion. The company was named a Forbes World's Best Employer in 2018. Moscow Exchange regularly hosts Exchange Forums in key global financial centers such as Moscow, London, New York and Shanghai to promote the Russian market among international investors.