The MINEX Far East Conference and Exhibition (MINEX FE) is a non-profit public professional event and is held annually under umbrella of MINEX Forum, the largest professional forum in the sphere of exploration and mining of various mineral commodities in the countries of the Eurasian continent.

Practically from the very first event in the MINEX format in 2005, the Far East Russia and the development of the mining and geological industry in its territory remain the focus of the most active discussions. For this reason, since 2008 in various cities of Siberia and the Far East, traditionally being centers of exploration and mining of precious and non-ferrous metals, as well as other mineral commodities, MINEX began to conduct a series of independent events under a separate sub-brand “MINEX Far East”, and since 2013 these events became annual. Since 2015, the MINEX Far East conference and exhibition has been held annually in Magadan.

In 2016, an associated event held in Moscow was added to this, in which MINEX FE takes part as co-organizer and which now operates under the separate special brand “North East. Territory of Development “, collecting up to 200 participants annually.

The combination of these events together with discussions at the main sites of MINEX in Moscow, London and other places where it is held regularly allows us to constantly expand the number of participants and the list of topics discussed, adding energy and efficiency to such discussions.


For the history of the event, MINEX Far East has grown from half-day seminars for about 50 participants to a full-fledged three-day program, to which about 300 delegates from Russia and many countries of the world gather annually. A special distinction of the Far Eastern format is the unique “core shack”, which is part of the overall exhibition exposition and at which the most interesting prospecting and  exploration projects of the macroregion are presented. The exhibition part received its logical extension in 2018, going beyond the building, in which MINEX FE is passing and including the street part of the exposition.

The program of visits to mineral exploration and mining properties, which is organized for participants of MINEX Far East beyond the framework of the main program, is also very popular with delegates of MINEX FE.


Especially important is the participation in the forum of representatives of key stakeholders in economic activity – personally, the governor and minister of natural resources of the Magadan region, other ministers of the local government as well as high-ranking representatives of the governments of other regions of the Russian Far East, owners, management and key specialists of companies in mineral business, leading experts of the industry, scientists, consultants and engineers, local and foreign experts related to the development and implementation of technologies for prospecting, exploration and mining operations development.

In this composition between the participants of the event, there is a meaningful exchange of views and information, which undoubtedly contributes to the constant development of the most optimal directions for the use and development of the mineral resource base of the Far Eastern regions of Russia.