MINEX Far East 2008

On March 20, 2008 in the city of Khabarovsk, in the centre of Far-East Federal region and with the support of Khabarovsk Government, the Conference “Minex-Far East 2008”was successfully organized and held. Main topics of the Conference were an exchange of international experience in developing mineral-source base in Russia. It’s important to note that Far-East region is interested in the similar conferences and not only because of gap in time since the latest seminar of scientists and the experts on the discussion of situation in mining complex was held but also on account of reason of mining industry recession contemplating the last 2 years.

Other territories of Russia known for its mining history appeared to be in the same situation or very close. There is only one answer to this – everything (resources) that was prepared by geologist in soviet time is already mined.

PictureThe considerable part of gold deposits and other deficit metals including ores of ferrous and non-ferrous but also less-common metal is processed and the country is felt “the hunger” for solid mineral wealth. In 2006 this situation was reported to business society’s one of the experts in the system of geologic management, Mr. Bavlov B.N. He made a report that all resources of gold, tin, uranium, chrome, zinc, lead, cooper, nickel, molybdenum, tungsten, manganese and also oil resources will be exhausted till to 2015-2016.

What should the Government do in this situation based on the incomes from raw materials sale? Firstly, it should discuss the problem in sphere of professionals.

What distinguishes Minex from other conferences? First of all, it is a participation of engineering companies, investigating and promoting to GKZ of Russia the new technologies of account of supplies. The distinguish feature of the Conference became an idea “of specializing” of all components of mining process, beginning with providing informational services and ending with personal training.

PictureThe participation of specialists, who connect bridges between territories and investors, is a great of importance. They are engineering and consulting companies, international banks. Minex FE 2008 provided real contact and opportunity of intensive discussion between the delegates. Practically, all reports were perfectly illustrated by graphics and for business communication were created all conditions. It may be pronounced with sure, that the conference “was arranged successfully” and the main goal “to create the place for regular communication and experience exchange” was perfectly realized.



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