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The third regional mining and mineral exploration conference and exhibition MINEX Far East 2012 will be held on October 24 and 25 in Khabarovsk, Russia.

The conference aims to discuss development opportunities of vast mineral rich territories of Russia’s Eastern territories, from East Siberia and Transbaikalia to Far East of Russia. It will also enhance dialogue between mining industry  participants on regulatory, technical modernisation, sustainable development, education and investment aspects of mining and mineral exploration in Russia’s Far East. Numerous exploration, mining, engineering companies , equipment supplier and  various services providers will present new projects and cutting edge technologies at the trade exhibition organised alongside the conference.

Previous conferences were held in 2008 and 2010.
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MINEX Russia Forum (originated from Mining & Exploration) has been held for 8 years and currently is one of the largest and most authoritative industry events focusing on exploration, mining and mineral processing in Russia and CIS. MINEX forums are aimed at development of progressive mining and geological practice in Russia for intense reproduction of Russian mineral resource base, for increasing Russian mining industry efficiency and strengthening Russian competitive ability in hard rock minerals mining and processing.

MINEX Far East Conference and Expo

MINEX Far East steering committee incorporates several companies including AS Amur JSC and GPB-Resource Ltd. Forum managing coordinator is LINCOM Ltd. MINEX Far East Conference and Expo was held twice in 2008 and 2010 in Khabarovsk with support of Administration of Ambassador of President of Russian Federation in Far East Federal District, Regional Subsoil Use Agency of Far East Federal District (Dalnedra), Far East department of Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage (Rosprirodnadzor) and Ministry of natural resources of Khabarovsk regional Government.

This year created Ministry of Russian Federation for Far East development joined the group of Governmental Authorities supporting the arrangement of MINEX Far East conference and expo.

MINEX Far East conference and expo. Goals and objectives:

  • Assist and support introduction and implementation of advanced world leading practice in geological exploration mining and mineral ore processing;
  • Share with Far East mining and exploration companies information on experience and latest achievements in efficient management and sustainable development of similar mining and exploration companies of the world;
  • Implement experience of efficient management of mineral deposits exploration and mining in cold climatic conditions and poor infrastructure;
  • Assist in strengthening cooperation and contact among mining and mining service companies of this industrial sector;
  • Involve and interest relevant Governmental Authorities of Far East region along with mining companies, mining service companies and their affiliates in efficient management and control and collective tasks solution of mining sector of Far East Russia.

MINEX Far East 2012 Overview

MINEX Far East 2012 conference and expo was held in Khabarovsk on 24-25, October 2012.

Official web-page of MINEX Far East 2012 conference and expo: http://fareast.minexforum.com/rus/
Initiative of arranging MINEX Far East conference and expo 2012 was officially supported by Victor I. Ishaev, Minister of Russian Federation of Far East development, Ambassador of President of Russian Federation in Far East Federal District.

» Letter of support of arranging MINEX Far East conference and expo 2012 from Ambassador of President of Russian Federation

More than 150 delegates participated in the conference and expo. Representatives of Russian and Foreign exploration and mining companies, government authorities, investment banks and banks, companies producing equipment for geological exploration and mining research and development institutes, engineering and consulting companies attended MINEX Far East conference and expo 2012.

Key task of the Conference was to assist in initiating, development and implementation of exploration and mining projects on the Far Eastern Territory of Russian Federation. In contrast and addition to MINEX Russia Forum and Expo which is held annually in Moscow, this Conference was specifically concerned with practical problems and challenges of exploration and mining in the Far East of Russian Federation. MINEX Far East conference and expo assisted in stimulation of international experience exchange between the companies in practice of using modern technologies in geo-informational area, geological prospecting, exploration, mining, metallurgy and financial sector of exploration, mining and processing of alluvial and hard-rock mineral deposits on this resource-reach territory. MINEX Far East 2012 conference and expo assisted problems solution in development and efficiency increase of exploration of mineral resource base of Far East of Russia.

Key Conference discussions were concerned with prospects, challenges and opportunities of including products from alluvial and hard-rock deposits at early stage of production in economic turnover. Conference’ delegates were interested as well by practice of use of modern low-cost technologies of fine gold and platinum recovery. The next part of the Conference was about refractory ores processing. Significance of this issue is beyond doubt for depletion of non-refractory ores all over the world and in Russia in particular. Non-refractory part of ore in reserves is constantly decreasing. Therefore lately modern technologies of ore processing were developed such as bio- and preasure leaching, new processes of pyrometallurgical ore treatment and some other processes. However these modern technologies and practices only start to be used in Russia. Specialists at the Forum shared their professional experience of modern technologies use. Most likely this discussion will speed up the process of production start-up at deposits of Far East which were earlier considered to be difficult of access and uneconomic for commercial development. Final session of MINEX Far East conference and expo 2012 devoted to discussion of forum final statements and conclusions was the most controversial and rich with disputes.

Draft conclusions and recommendations discussed at the Conference:

Recommendation 1

It is necessary to radically liberalize official rules and laws concerning mineral resources exploration and issue exploration licenses by legalized applications thus stimulating exploration activity. No more than 10% of Far Eastern territory is currently covered by exploration and geologically explored territory is less than 10% by conclusion of the Conference participants. Regional mining industry development is restrained not by absence of reserves or lack of geological exploration but with critical lack of data of exploration works for determining the areas where to explore for which mineral to explore. It is impossible to have relevant amount of exploration projects without speeding up the prospecting and exploration works and therefore it is impossible to get reliable mineral resource base providing for sustainable mining and production development in all times and conditions.

Conference’ delegates suggested changing rules and laws of exploration licenses issue by introduction of a scheme when exploration licenses are issued by application and without any initial payments offering this way an opportunity to explore to all companies which want to explore for mineral resource in Russia including shore territory (currently it is extremely difficult to obtain official permits for works on this territory). In addition Conference’ delegates suggested provision of free access to database of state unallocated subsoil reserve fund of Federal Agency on Subsoil Use.

Recommendation 2

It is necessary to introduce a new trial principle of exploration called “discovered-mined” for encouraging exploration and mining of hard-rock mineral resources (for the beginning only as an experiment, only on the territory of Far East of Russia but on irrevocable basis). This principle will grant the companies dealing with exploration which turned out to be successful and in case companies discover a new deposit and fixe the deposit reserves on balance a license for mining of this deposit regardless of any kind of conditions, tenders or restrictions such as restrictions of mining at strategic deposits or any others, irrespectively to legal registration of companies’ final beneficial owners. Herewith it is vitally necessary to exclude the notion of strategic deposit for this kind of newly discovered deposits.

Recommendation 3

It is necessary to divide Subsoil Law of the Russian Federation into two separate laws: the Law for hard-rock mineral resource and the Law for liquid and gas mineral resources. This is needed to be done for avoiding inadequate rules and requirements to exploration and mining of these two absolutely different types of mineral deposits.

Recommendation 4

It is recommended to divide the Law of precious metals and gems into two separate laws: the Law for precious metals and the Law for precious gems. This should be done to regulate separately two absolutely deferent markets and to exclude soviet legacy of regarding precious metals as currency asset and all typical of this old system unnecessary restrictions and requirements.

Recommendation 5

It is recommended to introduce practice of contracts’ execution between state departments and private companies for prospecting and exploration works, technical and economic evaluations for minimizing the risks and threats private companies and in return having relevant laws and requirements regulating this kind of activity and projects. It is relevant to solve long-term global prospects of exploration and mining via state and private partnership and state goal-oriented projects. As for short-term and medium-term projects they are recommended to be developed by separate state-private business agreements with regard to fast conditions change on the market (for example, price change) which can’t be taken into account in state development programs. It is recommended that these separate state-private agreements are more of mutual compensation character or motivation character (for example “information for information”) than of financial character.

Recommendations are still received by MINEX Far East conference and expo 2012 organizing committee. All recommendations will be soon published on this web-page.

Additional information on the Conference as well as comments and suggestions are available on request to MINEX Far East forum and expo 2012 organizing committee.

MINEX Far East conference and expo 2012 organizing committee


Mikhail Leskov,
Steering Committee President
mob.: +7 916 165-27-83
Email: m.i.leskov@mail.ru

Questions concerning conference and expo participation :


Olesya Khrustalyova,
Steering committee сcoordinator
tel.: +7 4212 417-885
E-mail: khv@minexforum.com

Marina Grigoryeva
Minex Far East operator
tel.: +7 962 225 4015
fax : +7 4212 565-962
E-mail: minex.fe.2012@gmail.com

Sofia Fesenko,
Steering committee сcoordinator
tel.: +7 4212 617-949
E-mail: khv@minexforum.com

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